The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola

Scripture – Spirit – Sacrament The Right Rev. Dr. Jack Lumanog, Bishop The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola is an affinity based, non-geographical missionary diocese with clergy and congregations in the United States, South Asia, Africa and South East Asia. We seek to raise up multicultural churches in the Anglican tradition that are fullyContinue reading “The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola”

From Bishop Jack Lumanog – appointment of Interim Archdeacon

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of The Venerable Dr. Gideon A. Uzomechina as Interim Archdeacon and Director of Missions for The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola. Please pray for Archdeacon Uzomechina as he takes up this appointment and works with me on strategic partnerships for the sake of the expansion of the Kingdom ofContinue reading “From Bishop Jack Lumanog – appointment of Interim Archdeacon”

Join Bishop Jack Lumanog in prayer … in French!

For our French speaking brothers and sisters, join Bishop Jack Lumanog in prayer. Responses are on the screen if you don’t have a French Book of Common Prayer.  Complies – Le Livre de la Prière Commune 1979 avec Mgr Jack Lumanog, Évêque du Diocèse Anglican de Saint Ignatius Loyola. — The Right Rev. Dr. JonContinue reading “Join Bishop Jack Lumanog in prayer … in French!”

Bishop Lumanog renews his ordination vows

Bishop Jack Lumanog renewed his ordination vows on this Maundy Thursday with brothers and sisters of The Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel. — The Right Rev. Dr. Jon I “Jack” Lumanog is an Anglican Bishop in good standing with the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches and the leader of The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola.Continue reading “Bishop Lumanog renews his ordination vows”