Joining the Diocese

The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola is an affinity based, non-geographical missionary diocese with clergy and congregations in the United States, South Asia, Africa and South East Asia.

We seek to raise up multicultural churches in the Anglican tradition that are fully alive through the power of the Holy Spirit.

New members of The Anglican Church of the Messiah (Plainfield, New Jersey) with Archdeacon Gideon Uzomechina, Rector.
The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola is under the leadership of Bishop Jack Lumanog.  Bishop Lumanog was ordained in the historic apostolic succession on 27 April 2019 in the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches.


The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola invites all who are led by the Holy Spirit to explore and answer the calling of the Lord to Holy Orders.

We seek to raise up multicultural churches that are firmly rooted in the Anglican tradition and fully alive by the power of the Holy Spirit through preaching, teaching, worship and in the faithful administration of the Sacraments.

We affirm the historic offices of Deacon, Priest, and Bishop and bestow valid orders in Apostolic Succession. We encourage all who seek admission into Holy Orders to contact the Diocesan Bishop.

Clergy Transfer

The transfer of clergy credentials for Priests and Deacons involves a process of application, examination, reception, and in some cases regularization of orders for those not ordained in the historic succession.  Transfers are subject to the approval of the Diocesan Bishop.  Depending on each individual’s situation, other requirements may become necessary.


The Diocesan Bishop will oversee the process of reception of congregations into the Diocese in consultation with his Archdeacon.

For more information, contact Bishop Lumanog here.

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